The Cold Spring Area Maennerchor
Celebrating 80 Years of Making Music!

Officers, Directors and Membership for 2019-2020
Board Term Expiration Dates Shown in Parentheses
Chad Middendorf
(May 2021)
Vice President:
Steve Minter
(May 2019)
Marv Salzer
(May 2021)
Willy Wilson
(May 2019)
Past President:
Jim Dwyer
AMCofA Governor:
Weldon Wilson
Additional Board Members:
Paul Elwell (May 2019), Gregg Roelike (May 2020), Art Kuechle (May 2020), Jim Dwyer (May 2020)
Tim Jarnot
Assistant Director:
Mary Middendorf
Lisa Drontle
Asst. Accompanist:
Jillian Reber
Performance Manager:
Dan Grube
Maennerchor Members:
Tenor 1: Tenor 2: Baritone: Bass:
Duane Kuss Arnold Eisenschenck Jim Dwyer Dan Grube
Steve Larson Tom Jameson Paul Elwell Tom Jonas
Chad Middendorf Dan Patton Amby Giesen Ralph Klassen
Marv Rothstein Art Kuechle Bill Koltes
Nick Terhaar LaVern Maile Adam McDonald
Jeff Rieffer Steve Minter
Gregg Roelike Marvin Salzer
Ken Terhaar Weldon Wilson
Melvin Torborg
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